Author, Speaker and Eating Psychology Coach

Leading women on a Journey from F.A.T, to Freedom.

For years I have been on the hamster wheel of dieting and weight loss. I have tried countless diet plans, starvation methods, from liquid to watermelon. I have struggled to get a handle on my weight and I just couldn't seem to pull it together. I often thought if I can just get the right diet or if I could just find the right exercise program I can do it. Yes, there have been many time I have dropped the weight only to gain it and more back again. If you are like me you know the story , every Monday was a new day to begin, or after every binge of my favorite chocolate bar or doughnuts. It was always I will start tomorrow. Well tomorrow kept coming and nothing changed.

I have been in ministry for over 20 years and unbeknownst to myself and the people around me I was silently struggling with the disease of emotional binge eating. I was preaching, ministering, praying for others, leading in all areas of ministry and sharing the gospel outwardly at the same time eating my emotions behind closed doors. I was battling diabetes, wearing an insulin pump daily and carrying excessive weight and always thought it was because I couldn’t find the right diet plan. As a minister and leader of the church I was sabotaging my destiny by slowly committing suicide by food... but God!!!

Well that is just a brief overview of what the past was like for me .

Today, the story is much different. I am transforming my relationship with food, weight and body image.  I am thankful to God that He accepts me for where I am but loves me too much to leave me there. It is by His Grace, that I am on a Journey to a FAT Free Life! God revealed to me that the weight and the eating were just symptoms and there were some rooted issues that He needed to heal in my life. 
Hence, Journey to a FAT Free Life. Living a life free from the weight of fear, anger and turmoil.

 I know I am not alone and neither are you! We are transforming our relationship with food , weight and body image through the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ.

Be Inspired, Be Encouraged and Be FREE!!!!

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