10 Behavior Signs and Symptoms Of An Addict

10 Behavior Signs and Symptoms Of An Addict by NaTishia Aromire                                                                                                     

(The word substance  can be defined as, but not limited to:  food, chocolate, sugar, bread, sex, shopping, drug, purging, gambling, lying, stealing, alcohol, pills, exercise, gossip, TV, relationships, etc. )

1. An addict engages with the substance and cannot stop - at least one serious attempt was made to give up, but unsuccessfully. ( lose and gain, stop and start,  and often goes to extremes to try to stop)

2. Addiction continues despite health or emotional problem awareness - the individual continues taking the substance regularly, even though they have developed illnesses/problems linked to it. For example, diagnosed borderline diabetic,  nearly destroyed marriage, depression, loss of job, lack of finances, injury to the body, side effects, high blood pressure etc)

3. Maintaining a good supply - people who are addicted to a substance will always make sure they have a good supply of it, For example, Surround themselves around people who will enable their behavior or play the victim.

4. Taking risks  - in some cases the addicted individual may take risks to make sure he/she can obtain his/her substance, such as stealing , sneaking, hiding and lying,

5. Dealing with problems - an addicted person commonly feels they need their substance to deal with their problems. As a way of escape, release stress, feel empowered, to think clearly, to relax and to release frustration.

6. Obsession - an addicted person may spend more and more time and energy focusing on ways of getting hold of their substance. (Like planning when to have it, thinking about it, arranging schedules etc)

7. Secrecy and solitude - in many cases an addict may engage in their behavior  in secret, alone, no one knows, living  a double life, hiding in the car, cant share with your closest friends or even family, being sneaky, lie to cover up and appear all is well.

8. Denial - a significant number of people who are addicted to a substance are in denial. They are not aware (or refuse to acknowledge) that they have a problem.  common phrases-" I can stop, I just need the right diet, I just do it socially, its not that big of a deal, I don't need it, I just like it, I will stop when I'm ready,  It helps me relax,  It's my outlet, I'm not hurting anyone, I can treat myself sometimes, I'm not going to deprive myself, I barely have it, and I'm going to stop on Monday."

 9. Excess or consumption - in some cases the individual consumes it to excess.           ( binging, intense exercise, engages in behavior multiple times in a day or week, body and mind constantly craves, cant just have one etc)

10.Having stashes - the addicted individual may have small stocks of their substance hidden away in different parts of the house or car; often in unlikely places. ( other stashes:  cutty buddy phone list, password protected phone, or hiding place, using alias etc)