Good Food and Bad Food... No Such Thing!

Good Food and Bad Food, No such thing! No food is morally good or morally bad. Food as an entity is neutral ( like a knife) Depends on how you use it.

Moralism around food creates suffering. When you say food is bad , there is a hidden unconscious message that gets communicated.  What we often hear is you are a bad person if you eat that bad food or I messed up, I just cant get it together and I can't...... ( fill in the blank).Yes, there are some foods that will detract from the health of your body. However, it still does not put it in the bad or good category of morality.

With this type of relationship with food we often create a good and bad food list in our mind. What happens when you eat one of the bad foods on your list? How is that internalized? What is your system of punishment ? ( skip meals, intense dieting, intense exercise, give-up, negative self-talk, judgment, shame, etc.)

Eat more quality food- The nutritional value of food is given in the nutrients in that food.Its the nutrients that give the value of that meal.

Can you begin to see food as neutral, and if you did what does that mean?

Transforming our relationship with food