Love What IS

Many women often say ( not aloud but through their self- negative talk and behaviors) : "I'm not going to love myself until I lose this weight. "and they haven't been able to lose weight for 10,15,20 years. That has been 10-20 years of self-hate.

9 out of 10 women are in a relationship with their body that they hate8 out of 10 women are doing exercises they don't want to do. We use strategies of un-love with the belief that the result will be love. You can't hate yourself into a body you are going to love.

We place love in the future by depriving our bodies with diet, attacking our body when we look in the mirror or hate our body when we see it in the clothes we are wearing. Somehow we think if I hate my body enough, attack it enough, starve it with food, assault it with exercise and hate it when I look in the mirror, then that's going to result in me loving myself.

Whatever the road you take will be the road you arrive to!

We underestimate the power of LOVE in healing, weight-loss, body image and nourishment.

Love What Is! You are on a journey of self-discovery, learning how to love your body into its rightful shape... and So Am I!