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2017 JTFFL Living Free Women's Retreat

Do you want live free of inner conflicts that are overloading your life and triggering your eating? Are you tired of living F.A.T and want to alter your eating habits? If you are finally ready to get off the hamster wheel of dieting and to no longer be hostage to food and your emotions, the JTFFL Living Free Retreat is for you.

By the end of our time together, you will experience an embrace in God's arms that will release the spiritual, emotional and physical strongholds around food, weight and body in your life. You will gain renewed strength and practical steps to begin your journey from struggle to Blessing and frustration to Freedom.





What Women are saying:

“ Minister NaTishia, I see through you that Journey to a F.A.T. Free Life is a ministry about hope and transformation. May you continue to openly share your journey from the bondage of fear, anger and turmoil (F.A.T.) as you lead and inspire women to trust God for their own release.”  Pastor Janice Dace. Bible Way Christian Center, CA

"NaTishia I am grateful to you for who you are and allowing God to use you in this capacity. You are saving lives! I celebrate you, your courage and your heart. God uses you and your ministry to help me in a way that is tangible & effective for me! I've never had this before in this area of my life." Robin- New York