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Author, Speaker & Certified Eating Psychology Coach

Leading women on a journey of Hope , Love and Transformation

                                                      Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.   Psalms 63:3 (NIV)

NaTishia knows that her assignment in this season is to wreak havoc on that debilitating spirit in women struggling with emotional  eating and to help break the chains of fear, anger and turmoil in their lives.

After years of working in ministry and professionally, unbeknownst to the people around her she was physically, emotionally and spiritually broken.  But God knew! He revealed to her that her malady, was not just physical in nature, it was emotional and spiritual as well!

Through each inspiring and thought provoking message NaTishia reveals how the Lord spoke to her “I will restore you, but you must expose your scars to others, so they too may be restored.”  Thus, Journey to a F.A.T. Free Life was birthed. 

NaTishia candidly shares the triumphs and failures along her journey to healing from Emotional Eating. 

 Her unique ability to educate and inspire in an entertaining way, has enabled her to minister, teach and impact women in diverse communities. Women are looking for a fresh, positive and inspiring messages about how to transform their relationship with food... NaTishia provides those solutions. 

 NaTishia's ministry also extends to Personal and Small Group Coaching Services.  As an Eating Psychology Coach, she provides individual and small group coaching to address the most common and compelling food challenges such as overeating, restrictive eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, binge eating and more.


She is the Author of the Encouragement Tuesday Book Series, an Ordained Minister , a member of the National Association of Self- Esteem, She Speaks Graduate and affiliate of the National Speakers Association. NaTishia also studies with The Institute of Eating Psychology in the area of Mind-Body Nutrition and the Dynamic Psychology of Eating.

NaTishia loves, traveling; theater arts and watching her daughter compete in gymnastic meets. She resides in New Jersey with her supportive husband Dipo and their beautiful and talented daughter Lolade.

" Women are dying physically, spiritually, and emotionally right in the front rows of the church. We are not talking about why. Well, ladies , its time to talk!   You are not alone." NaTishia


She Speaks Graduate