What is Journey To A F.A.T. Free Life?

Journey to a F.A.T. Free Life (JTFFL) is a Christian-based sisterhood helping women to live a life free from the bondage of Fear, Anger and Turmoil.  JTFFL is about allowing God to heal the roots of what drive women to emotionally eat.

JTFFL is NOT a diet weight- loss program. However, weight-loss is one of the many benefits on this journey and we definitely support healthy eating and exercise. Half the story of good nutrition is what you eat and what you take into your body. The other half and perhaps more important is who we are as eaters.  

Our issues with food and body image are symbolic to something deeper.

We are committed to providing inspiring events, forums, resources and real experiences that by God’s love and grace will set women free.

Benefits of embarking on the Journey to a F.A.T. Free Life include:

  • Spiritual Restoration - Experience God’s love and be assured in who He called you to be. Exploring the truth of God's Love through His word.

  • Physical Transformation - Learn how you can nourish your body in a way that works for you. Begin to allow the internal and external weight to fall off.

  • Emotional Healing - Discover what’s been driving you to eat and begin true healing. Understanding the psychology behind what drives us to reach for food.

  •  Supportive CommunityConnect with other women who will understand, encourage, support and inspire you on your journey.


Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!   Isaiah 43:18-19

Transforming women's relationship with food