Stop the chatter in my head.

The more I live I realize my toughest life challenges are running on a loop. Just like a CD you can place a song on repeat, that is the same with some of the challenges we face. I am often challenged with the chatter that takes place in my head. Chatter that says : "Tishia you didn't do enough, Tishia, you could have done better, Tishia you should be further along, Tishia, why did you make that choice, Tishia you shoulda..., woulda... coulda...."   you could just fill in the blanks.

Today on my journey, I am learning how to encourage myself in the Lord. As part of that process, I have decided to go through my archives of YouTube videos of my journey over the past two years.

Check out the video the Lord helped me to rediscover. I  was inspired to share this message exactly one year ago today(Feb 25, 2014).  A timely word for me TODAY! Be Encouraged!  #Doingthework